Vice vs. Vampyres - Climactic Fight Scene

Excerpt from the screenplay: Vice vs. Vampyres by Brad Havens

(formatted for this blog post) 


Grace has changed into a mechanic's jumpsuit. The garage is still shuttered, so it remains dim, with only a few cracks of sunlight leaking through randomly. The van is packed, ready to go. 

Joe steps around the back carrying his AK 47. He sees Grace frozen in her tracks by the side entrance of the van. Looking over, he sees Vlad standing at the front end of the van. His face is beastly, wearing a cruel, inhuman smile. 

Joe levels his weapon from the hip, but he can't get a clear shot. 


                    Grace! Get out of the way! 

But she doesn't get out of the way. She remains still, facing Vlad. Vlad looks from Joe to Grace, focusing on her. 



Grace turns slowly to Joe. She looks at him calmly, serene. She steps closer, staying between Joe and Vlad. 


                    Put the gun down, Joe. 

Joe steps left to right, looking for a shot, but Grace keeps between them. She steps closer, never taking her eyes off of Joe. She slowly unzips her mechanic's jumpsuit. 


                    Put it down, Joe. We don't need to fight anymore. 

She opens up her jumpsuit so Joe can get a good look as she moves closer to him. Joe struggles with what to do. Grace moves close enough to push the barrel of the gun away. She looks longingly at Joe. Joe starts to fall under her spell. 


                    We can stop all of this right now. We can be together. 

Grace puts her hands on Joe's pants. Joe is entranced, only absently aware of his situation. He drops his weapon. 


                    You can be with me, Joe... 

Grace reaches inside Joe's pants. Joe stares into her eyes. 


                    You can be with me and we can serve the Master. 

She pulls the Talisman from the front of Joe's pants and holds it close between them. Joe twitches a little. 


                    Everything you have ever done in your life has led to this moment. We 

                    can be together and rule this city for the Masters. You would have 

                    everything you ever wanted. No more running. No fear. 

Joe remains entranced, but seems to be struggling inwardly. Grace holds the Talisman close to her chest. She puts her free hand around Joe's neck, moving in for a kiss. As she does so, Joe can see Vlad behind her, eyes wide, excited. His lips move, but it is Grace who speaks. 


                    Everything you ever wanted...

Copyright 2020, Brad Havens. All Rights reserved.



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